Listen Good Youth - Youth Empowerment Through Academics, Mentoring, and Sports
We provide a safe and professional environment reaching and inspiring the youth of every age, ethnicity and community by elevating a greater sense of self-worth by overcoming obstacles.
Our sports programs "The Rockets" in Columbus and "The Lions" in Mobile target youth, ages 4-14 years of age. In the late summer, fall and winter, we offer football and cheerleading that is comprised of five different age divisions consisting of over 100 children.
The team coaches are volunteers who have committed their time to this program, serving also as mentors. The sports participation and exposure to positive role models help to keep youth off the street, decreasing the risk of gang recruitment or involvement in other non-productive environments.
 LGY Lions OF Mobile, Al                                                LGY Of  Columbus,Oh
LGY Rockets Of Columbus ,Oh